Freckled Diversity

Growing up as a child with freckles myself,
I wanted to show the diversity of freckles
through my series ‘Freckled Diversity’.
After all, freckles look differently on every
face! The subject of freckles has given me a
way to explore the uniqueness of individuals
who share this same feature.
Melanin is produced by the skin in order to
protect it from UV radiation. In some people,
melanin is distributed unevenly across their
skin, creating spots in all types of patterns
and intensity across people’s faces and bodies.

In this series, I chose to isolate the models
from their environment by removing any
background noise and clothing from the
photos, creating a certain distance and
objectivity between subject and viewer.
In contrast, the way in which the models
make direct eye contact with the camera
creates a kind of personal connection.
This allows the viewer to explore what it
means to be unique, and appeals to their
ability to connect with the subject.

Last May, during Photo Festival ‘aan de Maas’,
I’ve exhibited twelve portraits from my series
‘Freckled Diversity’ in the ‘Nederlands
Fotomuseum’ in Rotterdam. I am still working
on this series and by the time I am done,I hope
to have created a comprehensive overview of
what the diversity of freckles truly entails.